Tuesday, May 29, 2007

In Texas

I've been in Texas a few weeks now and it's been insane. It seems everyone I know is moving and I'm "conveniently" around. Lucky me. But really, it's been good to serve people (I need it). I've been cramming as much Spanish down my throat as I can handle and have been pleasantly surprised with how much I can understand now. I still suck at speaking, but I guess that's what Ecuador's for, right?

God's definitely been humbling me these last few weeks. I'm beginning to realize how safe and comfortable I was starting to get in Anchorage. You have to keep pushing or you start to stagnate. That's one of the reason's I'm looking forward to Ecuador. God always does His best work in me when I'm uncomfortable. I can't wait to just take it and like it. As I promised you all (or maybe both of you who read the last blog), I will now tell more about why the nut I'm going to Ecuador.

It all started one dark lonely rainy night in a little cabin a.k.a. "The Trap" in Girdwood... Actually it was summer and Ross was there, but it was almost definitely raining (as all you Alaskans can vouch for). Ross and I were discussing possible possibilities for the following summer seeing as it would be his last chance for freedom before becoming like a slave to medicine (but more importantly to grace). Independently, we both desired to go to Latin America, so we decided to start scanning the globe for our impending travels. Instantly, while looking at a map of S. America, I was drawn to Ecuador. Didn't know why. Then, I talked to my friend Kristen and she recommended Ecuador as a good choice upon my mentioning of said Latin American trip (I had not told her of Ecuador). Then, Ross received a MySpace message from a high school buddy who was in the Peace Corp stationed in... you guessed it... Ecuador. This was starting to be more than mere coincidence. At this point, we were pretty sure God was directing us. To seal the deal, we were talking to some kids (I say kids, but they were college freshmen) at Sal's in Soldotna (always a good place for an important decision) and told them of our plans to travel to S. America the following summer. When they asked where, we told them to tell us. They looked at us a little funny and then Christie said that momentous word... Ecuador. Can I get a witness?!?!? I don't know about you, but that's Gospel to me. All of that happened within about a week. Right from the start, because of how much warning God has given us, I'm expecting huge things from God this summer. I should also say, that God showed me I should start learning another language about 6 months before that. Sadly, I kind of blew it off and forgot about it until Christmas time. His grace is sufficient! Thank God He makes us worthy of His calling and finishes our resolves for good. Amen!

Monday, May 21, 2007

It begins...

Seeing as I'm going to be far and away this summer, I thought it might be a good idea to start a blog as to keep communication time to a minimum. Plus, I know all of you have been dying to know what I do EVERYDAY of my life. Not really. I'm not going to be that guy. I guess I'll start by explaining the name of my blog since it probably intrigues/offends/bores all of you. Recently, I was (or maybe still am) in a band with Ross called "Too Restless For Texas." I think the name of the band is pretty self-explanatory. I would describe our sound as indie/folk/britpop/hippy/trancecore/salsa, but that's a little wordy, so I'll just tell you I play guitar and sing and Ross plays the djembe (a hand drum) and occasionally the trumpet (always a treat!). In an effort to keep you thoroughly entertained, I'll quickly move to a slightly amusing anecdote (as my mom and aunts would say) about a cool God thing that happened today.

So I'm going to Ecuador. Wasn't that a gooder?!?!

Okay, just (mostly) kidding. Here's the real story that I'll somehow manage to tie into my fake anecdote (ya, I'm that good). One of the things God's really been speaking to me about Ecuador is being prepared. In an effort to comply with that, I decided to find some Christian Ecuadorians via Facebook and MySpace. I ended up emailing about 15 people and have been sporadically receiving responses of varying lengths and proficiencies in English. There have been some good responses, but the highlight would have to be one I got today. One of the Ecuadorian guys who emailed back not only loves Jesus, but is going to travel to Girdwood, AK and work at the very same hotel/resort I worked at!!! Isn't that crazy. Seriously, what are the odds?? I have no doubt God's hand was in this and he's just whetting my appetite for things to come. Man, this summer's going to be amazing! I can't wait!!!

This concludes my maiden blogger voyage. I hope it was both enjoyable and beneficial. I'm sorry if my humor was totally lame and you wish you could have your 3 minutes back. I promise all my blogs won't be so corny!!! Adios.

...In the next episode of "I'll hopefully come up with something," Daniel will explain the intricacies of Columbian 7.5"x10.5" envelopes and perhaps touch a bit upon his travels abroad.